3.1.1.    INTRODUCTION.  Principles and Overview of BI Techniques
3.2.1.    MATERIALS & INSTRUMENTATION. Bead Types and Ligands
3.2.4.    Bead Injection in Lab-on-valve Format
3.2.11.  BI Spectroscopy in Lab-on-valve Format
3.3.3.   Bioligand Interaction Assays. UV Absorbance and Fluorescence
3.4.1.   Renewable Column Separations
3.4.7.   Affinity Chromatography, Simultaneous BIS and Chromatography
3.4.15. Sorbent Extraction on Renewable Column
3.4.18. Trace Metal Analysis by Atomic Absorption
3.4.22. Biomolecules by Electrospray MS
3.4.23. Organic Pollutants by Gas Chromatography
3.5.1.   BI Spectrophotometry  as a Research Tool
3.5.8.   Protein Immobilization Studies. Nonselective Adsorbtion of DNA.
3.6.1.   BI for Cellular Studies.
3.6.7.   Cellular Functions by Ca Fluorescence
3.6.10. Study of Cell Metabolism
3.6.12. Intra- and Extracellular Redox Processes
3.7.      OUTLOOK