Online Coupling of Bead Injection
System to Gas Chromatography
The Lab-on-valve platform has been in this work, for the first time used to enhance gas chromatography. The aim of the work is to assay traces of organic pollutants. (Quintana, Miró, Cerdá 2009)

Microfluidic handling of solutions and suspensions in LOV is accomplished by programmable flow controlled by a multi Syringe flow injection (MSFI) apparatus. The method is based on manipulating minute amounts (3 mg) of reversed-phase copolymericbeads with hydroxylated surface, within the channels of an LOV microconduit. The resulting renewable microcolumn is used to capture organic pollutants.
The analyte-loaded beads are eluted with 80 µL of ethyl acetate into a rotary injection valve, and subsequently introduced via an air stream into the programmable-temperature vaporizer (PTV) injector of the GC. The used beads are then back flushed into waste. The GC separation and determination is synchronized with the preconcentration step of  the next sample processed within the LOV module.

J.´ B. Quintana, W. B. M. Miro,´V. Cerda: Anal. Chem. 2009, 81, 4822.