Jarda Ruzicka
Jaromir (Jarda) Ruzicka is a Professor  of Chemistry (Emeritus at the University of Washington and Affiliate at the University of Hawaii), and member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. Born in Prague in 1934, he graduated from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Facultyof Sciences, Charles University. In 1968, when Soviets occupied Czechoslovakia, he emigrated to Denmark. There, he joined The Technical University of Denmark, where, ten years  later, received a newly created Chair in Analytical Chemistry. When Jarda met EloHansen, they invented Flow Injection, and became  friends, working and traveling together.

In 1987, Jarda became professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle. where, his research continued at Center for Process Analytical Chemistry. In the early 1990ís, his focus  turned toward bioanalysis, as a result of his exposure to  pharmaceutical research at Novo-Nordisk in Copenhagen, where he served as a Board Member for 12 years.

His publications include two monographs and over 250 papers. His professional awards include the Talanta Medal, the Torben Bergmann Medal of the Swedish Chemical Society, the Gairn Medal of the European Society of Engineers, the Waters Award, the Silver Medal from Charles University, the Medal of University of Warsaw, Honorary Membership in the Japanese Societyfor Analytical Chemistry, the Scientific Award by the Japanese Society for Flow Injection Analysis, Fulbright Professorship served in Czech Republic, Hanus Medal of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science, and Memorial Medal of The Czech Technical University and Visiting Professorship at the University of Melbourne.

In 2015 he was awarded the Gold Medal by his Alma Mater, the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic for his collaboration with Faculty of Pharmacy of this University.