Elo Hansen
Elo Harald Hansen is a native of Copenhagen, Denmark, and received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. at the Technical University of Denmark. Following a two year postdoctoral stay in Canada, he returned to Denmark and joined the Department of Chemistry at the Technical University where he in 1990 became Professor of Analytical Chemistry. Having retired in 2007 he is now emeritus. Initially, he worked with ion selective electrodes and later with automation of reagent based assays, using FIA. His early work focused on enzymatic assays, with detection by bio- and chemiluminescence. Later, his interest changed to kinetic discrimination schemes with the goal of determining transient/metastable species of specific analytically interesting characteristics, using various spectroscopic detection techniques.
Most recently, his research interests have moved toward microfluidic manipulations, using programmable flow in the LAB-ON-VALVEŽ format, for trace metal determinations in complex matrices and speciation procedures, especially focusing on elimination of interferences due to matrix compositions. His most recent interest involves on-line sample pretreatments via separation and preconcentration in LOV modules, serving as a front end to atomic absorption spectrometry (f-AAS and ETAAS) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS). Elo Hansen has authored more than 200 scientific publications and 5 monographs, has given well over 230 lectures around the world, and holds, with Jaromir Ruzicka, over 40 patents on FIA. Recent awards include the G. A. Hagemann Gold Medal (1993), The Charles University (Prague) Silver Commemorative Medal (1999), The Danish Eurolab Honour Prize (1999), the Medal of the University of Warsaw (2000), the Deakin University (Australia) "Geoff Wilson" Medal (2003), the JAFIA Scientific Honour Award (Japan) (2003) and the Hartmann Memorial Prize (Denmark) (2005). He has devoted considerable time over the years to develop and maintain a database of FIA-related publications, at this time, over 22,000 publications are referenced.

In 2016 he received Talanta Medal for his outstanding contributions in  the field of flow injection analysis.