Sequential Injection Chromatography (SIC) is similar to sequential injection , based on flow programming (Chapter 5).  In this way Liquid Chromatography (LC) benefits  from  the versatility of sample processing inherent in SIA. Sample and eluent solutions are sequentially  aspirated  into the instrument by flow reversal and injected in preprogrammed sequence on the separation column (Satinsky, Solich, Chocholous & Karlicek). Reverse phase, ion-exchange, or affinity chromatography  have been successfully carried in  SIC mode.

Changing Chromatography

The instrument,  comprises a syringe pump, a multiposition valve a separation column and a flow trough detector. Flow programming allows selection of injected sample volume, facilitates precolumn derivatization, generates  elution gradients, and speeds up column regeneration. Flow programming  also accelerates the assay by fast column flushing. Sichrom  instrument is produced by FIAlab.

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