Flow Based Separations
FI and SI systems are ideally suited  for automation of separations based on partition of analyte between two phases such as

  • Sorbent extraction
  • Membrane separation
  • Gas/liquid separation
  • Solvent extraction

Large number of FI and SI publications on this topic documents the variety of innovative experimental approaches and the utility of separations automated in this way. Since within the scope of this tutorial it is feasible only to outline the basic principles and support them by a few applications, reader should consult for:

  • Sorbent extraction
  • Membrane techniques (Luque de Castro 2008 and Alvarez-Sanchez 2008)
  • Gas/liquid hydride generation (Fang 1993)
  • Solvent extraction (Solich et al)
  • The following sections outline the principles and scope of these techniques

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