Assay protocols discussed in previous sections cover range (0 to 0.6g/L Glucose) that is 10 times lower than typical concentration ranges of glucose used in fermentation tanks.
Sequential Dilution on-line  (Section 2.2.6.G.) provides sample conditioning, that allows the previously described enzymatic assay to be used in the range
0 to 4 g/L glucose. For this application the assay was modified by diluting glucose reagent 1:3 with DI water, and by sequencing small volume of sample with a large volume of reagent into the holding coil (A) using  experimental setup (B) and assay protocol with 40 sec stop flow period (C). The recording (D) and calibration plot (E) show a linear response at sampling frequency of 50s/hr.

Sequential Dilution for Glucose Assay by SHC
End Point Measurement