The experiments described in this chapter  were performed using microSIA-2 (A), and a prototype of microSIA-1 (B) instruments, manufactured by Global FIA. The instruments comprised:

  • miliGAT pump(s) (C)
  • Lab on valve module with short path  external (D) flowcell
  • Lab on valve with external, long path thermostated flow cell (E)
  • Thermostated holding coil(s) (F)
  • Tungsten light source
  • Ocean Optics spectrophotometer (USB 4000)

All devices were controlled by FloZF software which also collected and evaluated data and plotted   in all charts.
All tubing had 0.8mm I.D. holding coils were 1.5 m long. Short flow cell had 1 cm light path (1.6 mm I.D.). All long path cells were made of 0.8mm I.D. tubing, the thermostated flow cell had 15cm long light path. (Section 2.3.6.)

miniSIA Instruments and Configurations
used in this chapter