High sampling frequency, wide calibration  range,  and a high sensitivity, emphasized in this section are valuable features, yet, it is important to realize that there are several other important features of SI technique, which make it the first choice amongst all other flow based analytical techniques. These are:

Robustness and reliability. By reducing  the number of mechanical components to single pump and single valve, the probability of a mechanical malfunction  is minimized, servicing of the instrument is simplified,  and the number of spare parts is limited.

Stability of flow, the Achilles Heel of peristaltic pumping, is no longer an issue, since syringe pumps generate precise, programmable flow rates over long periods of time and are capable of instant  startup and shut down.

Low reagent consumption and waste generation. is inherent feature of SI methods, since reagents in microliter volumes are consumed only when the sample is being analyzed, and the carrier solution used is in almost all cases distilled water. The result is about ten times lower reagent consumption and waste generation. compared with all other flow based techniques,

Repeatibility and standardization of assays is achieved through combination of software controlled assay protocol, with a design of a well defined flow system,  inherent in Lab-on-valve platform. In another words, all assays described in this section can be exactly reproduced,  if carried out in the same apparatus, using  the same software protocol and the same  composition of reagents.