Utility of both conventional and microSI instruments can be  expanded by a variety of peripherals that fall into two categories: detectors and solution handling devices.

In addition to UV-VIS spectrophotometry, fluorescence, and electrochemical detectors, we find that Atomic Spectroscopies (AA, ICP, ICP-MS) and Mass Spectrometry also benefit from solution processing by programmable flow. Recent reviews (Barnett 2002) and monographs (Kolev & McKelvie 2008, Trojanowicz 2008) list almost all methods of instrumental analysis, as enhanced by SI-based sample handling.

Solution handling peripherals include gas liquid separators, liquid-liquid extractors, microcolumns, additional pumps, valves and external microreactors. There seems to be almost no limit to how much the basic system can be expanded by adding detectors and components. Yet one should avoid system  complexity, as often more can be accomplished by a simple design.

Surprisingly, many assays can be automated using one pump and one valve, by combining reagents or by redesigning the reaction condition of the assays. Yet, for the three-reagent assays and methods involving separations, an additional external pump along with other peripheral devices cannot be avoided.

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Peripheral Components