Continuous monitoring of small scale fermentors by a microSI-LOV system  is advantageous since it requires only 10 to 30 mcrL of sample per data point and produces less than 30 mL of waste during 6 hours of monitoring. The small size of the instrument allows its placement in the immediate vicinity of the 20 L Bioflo fermentor, furnished with a 19 mm Flownamic sampling probe.

Ammonia (3-1200 ppm) (A) was determined by the indophenol blue method, glycerol (20-120 ppm) by GPO-Trinder  reagent, glucose (35-1000 ppm) by Infinity (Sigma) reagent and free iron (80-400 ppm) by the ferrozine method (Sigma 565-A kit). RSD was close to 1% for all  measurements. (See next page.). The  method has been recently  applied for monitoring of production of  monoclonal antibodies. (Wu and Liu Process Analytical Technology 2003).

Fermentation Monitoring