There are at present  three types of the commercially available SI analyzers on the market:

  • Conventional SIA system (A)
  • Miniaturized SIA Instruments (B, C)
  • Miniaturized Two line instrument (D)

The conventional instrument is configured by connecting the individual components (pump, valve, coils  and detector) by tubing. Marketed by Global FIA as Flo Pro system the instrument is available several configurations, and detector options. The unique feature of the system is the miliGAT  pump, since it is continuously refilling and provides wider range of flow rates than a conventional syringe pump.

The miniaturized instruments are smallest automated analyzers available on the market. Their  unique feature is the lab-on-valve (LOV) configuration that  integrates valve functions, flow channels and detector, within  a single monolithic unit mounted atop a multiposition valve. As a result these  instrument use microliter volumes of samples and reagents. Configured with synchronously refilling miliGAT pump, the miniSIA-1(B) and miniSIA-2(D)  instruments automate assays with high sampling frequency. All SIA instruments are compatible with UV-VIS, fluorescence, chemiluminiscence  and voltammetry and their combinations.
Vendors: Global FIA and FIAlab Instruments.

Laboratory and Portable Instruments