In their pioneering work Šatínský, Solich, Chocholouš and Karlícek (2003)  demonstrated the advantages of flow programming, and employed low back pressure monolithic columns to verify their concept. They connected a 4.6x25 mm Chromolith C18 column to a standard SI instrument, and demonstrated  the successful separation and quantification of four analytes in a topical emulgel.

Later, the same group demonstrated wide applicability of SIC in a series of publications, summarized in a review article (Chocholouš 2007).  Multicomponent analysis in flow based systems including SIC was recently thoroughly reviewed (Solich 2008).

The groundbreaking work of Šatínský and Solich’s group has inspired others to apply monolithic columns to low-pressure fluidic instruments. Some of this work has been done with a Sequential Injection concept (e.g. Gómez 2007), some of it on other types of fluidic platforms. (e.g. Pelletier 2006)

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