This work focuses on fused-core particle packed columns, in an attempt to extend the range of column materials suitable for SIC.

In order to investigate the capabilities of fused core stationary phase, its performance was compared with a monolithic column of highest possible separation power (longest commercially available monolithic column at the time).

As a test separation, four estrogens with similar structure and an internal standard – ethylparaben were selected. The mobile phase was composed of acetonitrile/water (40/60 (v/v)) pumped isocratic at flow rate 0.48 mL min-1.

In summary, both fused-core particle column and a longer monolith yield better resolution compared to previously used short monolithic columns. Benefits of fused-core columns are the use of the same flow rates, lower dead volume, higher separation efficiency and wider choice of column chemistries, dimensions and vendors.

Chocholouš P., Kosarová L., Šatínský D., Sklenárová H.,  Solich P.:Talanta 85(2) (2011) 1129-1134.