Continuous Monitoring by SIC
SIC can easily be interfaced with a system that needs to be monitored in real time.

In pharmaceutical research it is frequently needed to monitor release of an active ingredient from a pill, or from a topical pharmaceutical formulation. Monitoring by SIC was proposed, verified and documented  by Klimundová et al., in their pioneering work (Klimundová 2006). An SIC instrument was interfaced with a Franz diffusion cell, and the kinetics of release of lidocaine (L) and prilocaine (P) were monitored. Samples were taken automatically in 10 minute intervals over a 10 hour test period, without operators  intervention. Since the samples were injected directly from the diffusion cell into the SI instrument, sample volume per analysis could be minimized (10 µL). The method offers a significant improvement, compared to the traditional technique, where samples are manually withdrawn samples are manually and periodically withdrawn from diffusion cell and manually injected into LC instrument.